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Sana Pharma developed pipeline of potential pharmaceutical products and transferred the technology to the site of customers who registered and launched them mostly as first generics. Sana pharma extensively invested in  human resources, instrumentation and facility leaving no barriers prevent Sana Pharma from developing complicated or advanced dosage forms. 


Sana Pharma core values are to produce innovative health solutions to community either in the form of quality pharmaceutical products, or as know-how (technology transfer) projects at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites .


Sana Pharma is also committed to create business for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs and start up projects through pipeline development and consultation, we also believe in business to business collaboration to integrate and compete in the markets, where Sana Pharma has made important success in that area.


In 2015-2016 Sana Pharma was making successful access to new emerging markets using different business models, such as branded finished product supply,  private label and technology transfer projects.


Ten years of intensive efforts in pharmaceutical research and development of knowledge adding significant value to pharma industry through market potential products. In 2015, the added value to pharma industry exceeded USD 150 Million sales for technology transfer of Sana Pharma projects at client manufacturing sites.The business of Sana Pharma was developing exponentially with respect to geographical coverage reaching Europe and far east, and also with respect to the type of projects. New type of projects developed by Sana Pharma include integrated API synthesis supply with dossier agreement especially for HCV and MS products, in addition to the manufacturing and supply of niche medicated cosmetic pipeline in the MENA region.


Sana Pharma drawn its position in pharmaceutical field through its ability to understand the markets. Sana Pharma has developed an internal processes that explore market needs, pharmaceutical trend and translate the project ideas on the ground by developing and introducing new products in different markets in a disciplined manner.    


Samer M. Najjar