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Sana Pharma pharmacovigilance system is responsible for detection, analysis and prevention of Sana Pharma products related problems, including safety, efficacy and quality problems.

To report problems related to the effectiveness or safety of our medicinal products, please fill the attached form:

Sana Pharmaceutical Industry

Report of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions and Product Problems
Note: Identities of reporter and patient will remain confidential

Patient info
Suspected drug(s)
Suspected drug(s) (Brand and Generic names)Dosage FormDose & StrengthRoute of administrationStarted onStopped onIndication(s) for drug treatment
Other concomitant drug(s)
Suspected reactions
Suspected reactions/product problemDate of onsetDuration of reaction

Comments (e.g. relevant history, allergies, previous exposure to the drug. ……….. etc).

Consequences of suspected reaction(s).
Reporter info